Web API is an add-on module of IBSSweb that opens an interface between third party devices & services and the IBSSweb.


The IBSSweb Enterprise Security Management Software is truly scalable and can be expanded with add-on modules to offer fully integrated security solutions.
Web API is an add-on module that opens an interface between third party devices & services and the IBSSweb. This Web API is an industry standard RESTful web service implemented using HTTP protocol.

Key Features

  • Query and update cardholder information in the IBSSweb from third party devices and services
  • Monitor and control access doors, alarm inputs and replay from third party devices and services.
  • Manage user access to facilities after confirming bookings on a third party service
  • Respond quickly to critical events or intrusion monitored by other devices or services
  • Query IBSSweb database from any third party device/service for information on access devices, cardholders, events, etc.
  • Acknowledge and restore alarms directly from third party devices or services from events reported via the IBSSweb
Specifications IBSSweb-API
Description IBSSweb Web API
IBSSweb Versions IBSSweb Professional Edition or above (Prerequisite)
Supported Operating System Windows 10 (64bit) / Windows Server 2016 or above
Web API Protocol HTTP
Web API Type RESTful API
Remote Online Control Access Grant / Arm Door / Disarm Door / Lock Door / Unlock Door / Execute Action
Cardholder Operations Add New Cardholder, Modify Existing Cardholder, Delete Card, Enable/Disable Card, Add New Visitor Card, Modify Existing Visitor Card
Intrusion Control Arm Input / Disarm Input / Activate Output / Deactivate Output
Device Status & Database Query Door status / Devices / Controllers / Cardholders / Events / User Access Group (UAG) / Communication Status
Event Transaction Subscription Yes
3rd Party Event Registration Yes
Alarm Management Acknowledge Alarm / Reset Alarm
Facility Booking Add Booking / Modify Booking / Cancel Booking
Model No. Description
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