Time Clock Report (TCR)

The TCR module is designed to log and report selected transactions of an access control system as a time clocking records.

Time Clock Report (TCR)

The Time Clock Report (TCR) module is designed to log and report selected clocking transactions of an access control system.

Clocking reports can be generated on a daily/monthly basis to track the attendance of cardholders/staff. Each report can be previewed on screen, sent to printer, and/or exported in various formats including CSV, Excel and PDF.


Key Features

  • Easy setup with user-configurable entry and exit points for clocking data capture
  • User configurable work hours, work days and public holidays to suit any organization in any time zone
  • Detailed clock-in & clock-out transactions per day either first-in/last-out format or 6 in/out pairs per day format
  • 6 pre-defined time clocking reports including First-In-Last-Out, Multiple In-Out Pairs, etc.
Specifications IBSSweb-TCR
Description IBSSweb Time Clock Report
IBSSweb Versions IBSSweb Standard Edition and above (Pre-requisite)
Supported Operating System Windows 10 (64bit) / Windows Server 2016 & above
Attendance Reader Unlimited
Work Group Profile Unlimited
Working Hour Profile Monday to Sunday
Time Allowance Late In, Early Out
Report Type First-In-Last-Out, Absentees, 6 In-Out Pairs, Overtime, Cumulative Hours, Attendance
Report Range Daily / Date Range
Model No. Description
IBSSweb-TCR IBSSweb Time Clock Report
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