The recent event, which included a delightful lunch session, drew a highly engaged and enthusiastic audience. We were excited to welcome many of our valued industry partners, all experts in their respective fields. Their insightful questions focused on practical applications, showcasing a strong interest in our solutions and sparking meaningful discussions.

The highlight of the event was the detailed system demonstration. This comprehensive demo featured GoENTRA Mobile Access with IBSSgo as cloud controllers, the complete visitor management and facility booking workflow cycle, and our unique WebENTRA readers. Attendees were given a clear and thorough overview of the system's capabilities, illustrating its potential benefits and value to our partners. The demo effectively highlighted how our solutions can streamline operations and enhance security.

Overall, the Singapore seminar was an excellent opportunity to connect with industry leaders and highlight the effectiveness of our visitor management solutions. The event not only showcased our innovative technologies but also reinforced our commitment to supporting our partners with cutting-edge solutions. We look forward to continuing these valuable seminars and building stronger relationships within the industry.