Web Enabled Gigabit IP Access Controllers

Web Enabled Gigabit IP Access Controllers

Most corporate LAN today are very sophisticated and the IP Access Controllers must be able to meet many basic requirements including cyber security protection, gigabit Ethernet connection speed, and web-based setup. ASIS Technologies provides the completed range of products from 2 door to 8 doors per controller. Built-in Phyton script programmability will future-proof the system. 

What are the access controller database capacities?

The modern IP access controller comes with large, built in flash memory. Simply put, these controllers can cater from 20,000 to 150,000 card IDs per controller, and events number from 50,000 to 1 million records.

What is the built-in user interface to the access controller?

The IP access controller is built with a web browser user interface for convenient system setup, diagnostics and other systems configuration. The user interface is available with any HTML5 compliant web browser. This means that login to the controller is possible with any mobile device including laptop, tablet and/or mobile phone.

How does an IP access controller connect with the server?

A Gigabit Ethernet port on the IP access controller allows straightforward connection the server. Some controllers like the C300 series also support PoE+ so that a suitably rated LAN switch can supply up to 2A current to power the controller and its connected devices. Others like the P900 series boast a secondary Gigabit Ethernet port to support redundant host connections. 

How to expand the 2-door, 4-door or 8-door IP access controller?

The IP access controllers are highly modular and scalable. By simply adding C312 door modules, the C302 2-door controller can be expanded to support up to 32 doors. The P900 series controllers operate on the same principle and are easily expandable with the addition of P910 series door expansion modules to scale up to a maximum of 32 doors. Additional input and output modules can also be added to the P900 series controllers to support various other functionalities.

Is user programmable scripting available with the IP access controller?

The P900 series is the first IP access controller with user programmable scripting capabilities. This series of controllers support Python scripting with multiple trigger points to allow users to insert python scripts to perform various custom functions upon events such as access grant, access denied, etc.

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