Unlimited Integration Possibilities

Unlimited Integration Possibilities

Flexible Integration With Many 3rd Party Systems Through Open Communications Industry Standard WEB Services API

What are the functions available with IP Video Surveillance integration?

The Security Management System can integrate to various IP video surveillance system by high level interface to Network Video Recorders. With such interface every access control and intrusion activity can be video tag to the nearest camera for recording. Video tagging allows for intelligent video database search, for example you can now search for all video clips on the usage a lost or stolen access card, quickly identify culprits that triggered door-open-too-long and identify reasons for users who frequently entered wrong PIN or investigation of access denied activities.

Can the Security Management System (SMS) integrate with Building Automation Systems?

Integration with 3rd party systems is easily achievable with an open platform web service API. With the Web API, the SMS can be easily integrated to facilities booking systems and centralised fault monitoring and reporting systems, etc. 

How can the Security Management System (SMS) integrate with Visitor Management System?

Access to private premises by non-staff and non-permanent staff is managed by a Visitor Management System (VMS) for assignment of temporary access rights. The VMS can be used together with the SMS to register visitors via email, mobile APP or browser. Upon arrival, visitors can register at the reception counter or self-service kiosk using QR code. Access to the site is then activated with the use of access cards, QR codes or Biometrics (fingerprint, face or iris). 

How can the Security Management System (SMS) integrate with normal elevator/lift?

There are 2 primary modes of elevator/lift access control – lift call and lift access. In the case of lift call, the access reader is mounted at lift lobby, usually next to the lift car. The lift door only opens upon access grant. However, in lift access, the access reader is mounted in the lift car. Access grant in this mode will enable the user to select only designated floors according to assigned access rights.

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