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Fever Detection Solution

1. How is a thermal camera used for fever detection?
A thermal imaging camera suitable for fever detection has a dual camera imaging system with a thermal imager and an optical imager. The thermal imager will measure the skin temperature of persons coming into its view while it superimposes the measured temperature reading to the optical colour view. When any skin temperature is detected and exceeds the threshold of 37.5°C (configurable), an alarm will be triggered. Used together with an optional blackbody unit, the detection resolution improves from 0.5°C to 0.2°C. The biggest advantage is the completely non-intrusive operation that is crucial in this Covid-19 era. The use of thermal cameras for fever detection scores high on productivity— a single on duty personnel can monitor up to 8 cameras simultaneously with just one monitoring station.
2. How to ensure a person entering my premise is our staff, does not have a fever and wears a mask?
What is a Fever Detection solution for integration to pedestrian turnstiles?

A Face Recognition (FR) terminal with forehead temperature detection can be installed onto each lane of the turnstiles. A high performance FR terminal is likely to be a NIST FRVT ranked top 10 face detection algorithm and can reliably supports face as a single factor biometric authentication. When a face is presented to a FR terminal, the forehead temperature measurement and masked detection are performed simultaneously. The FR terminal is often used in conjunction with existing card readers and highly suited for use with a Visitor Management System.

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