Time Clock Report (TCR)

The Time Clock Report (TCR) module is designed to log and report selected clocking transactions of an access control system.

Clocking reports can be generated on a daily/monthly basis to track the attendance of cardholders/staff. Each report can be previewed on screen, sent to printer, and/or exported in various formats including CSV, Excel and PDF.


Key Features
  • Easy setup with user-configurable entry and exit points for clocking data capture
  • User configurable work hours, work days and public holidays to suit any organization in any time zone
  • Detailed clock-in & clock-out transactions per day either first-in/last-out format or 6 in/out pairs per day format
  • 6 pre-defined time clocking reports including First-In-Last-Out, Multiple In-Out Pairs, etc.

Technical Specifications

Specifications IBSSweb-SFO
Description IBSS.web Time Clock Report
Supported IBSS.web IBSS.web Standard Edition and above * (Pre-requisite)
Supported Operating System Windows 10 (64bit) / Windows Server 2016 & above
Attendance Reader Unlimited
Work Group Profile Unlimited
Working Hour Profile Monday to Sunday
Time Allowance Late In, Early Out
Report Type First-In-Last-Out, Absentees, 6 In-Out Pairs, Overtime, Cumulative Hours, Attendance
Report Range Daily / Date Range

Ordering Information

Model No. Description
IBSSweb-TCR IBSS.web Time Clock Report


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