Security Management Solutions

ASIS Technologies designs and manufacture a comprehensive range of software for access control applications. All the software is compatible to ASIS Technologies hardware products. Application with GUI feature to make it much more user-friendly for database setting and viewing report.
IBSS.web Web-Based Enterprise Security Management Software
It is a browser based security management system software that provides scalability from access control only applications to a comprehensive suite of fully integrated security solutions.
    HR Database Integrator (HRDI)
HRDI is a module to facilitates the synchronization of employee data in most human resource management system (HRMS) with the IBSS.web, so that any change in employee data made in the HRMS will be seamlessly registered to the IBSS.web database.
    Secret Key Management System (SKeyMa)
It is an integrated approach for managing secret key, personalise Secure Access Module (SAM), readers and also contactless card.
    Server Failover Service (SFO)
The Server Failover (SFO) module performs server redundancy and continuously performs data synchronization between 2 servers while monitoring the operational status of both. The IBSS.web software is built with an automatic failover architecture.
    Time Clock Report (TCR)
The TCR module is designed to log and report selected transactions of an access control system as a time clocking records. 
    Visitor Management System (VMS)
It is a complete solution for managing visitors within a premise. Visitor information can be easily captured and stored by the computerized system.

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