IBSS2000 Security Management Software

IBSS2000 Integrated Security Management System

The IBSS2000 is a scalable enterprise Security Management System that is the central command and control centre for the entire corporate security requirements.
Built on industry standard open protocols, the IBSS2000 is extremely flexible and can operate from a standalone MS Windows based workstation, to multiple Servers and Workstations across TCPIP based LAN and WAN.
The unlimited graphical floorplan support with dynamic real time status icons and sophisticated event/alarm management capabilities far exceed the expectations of the most demanding security managers.
Key Features
Flexible System Configuration
- True Client-Server architecture with LAN/ WAN connectivity with using TCPIP
Access Levels and Database Partitioning
- Multiple access levels with password protection by user configuration
Easy to Use
- Full Windows-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) with buttons and icons for easy access to screens, SQL compliant server database
Data Import/ Export & Reporting
- Easy data import/ export in EXCEL, PDF & JPG formats, and create own report templates Time attendance reports available
Graphical Floorplan Display
- Unlimited floorplans and zoom levels, use of icons to represent devices, with colour change or blinking according to the real time status
Integration Options
- CCTV, Intercom, Public Address System, Building Automation & Fire Alarm System, Video Switching/ Distribution, Photo ID Badging System, Guard Tour
Alarm Management
- Display all current alarm events, automatically loads the appropriate graphics by clicking on an alarm item
Webcam Support
- For Cardholder photo capture
Variable Font Type Support
Action Sequence
- Activate a list of predefined actions upon alarm trigger via user configured action sequence (macros) for global cross-subsystem device triggering
Technical Specifications

Specifications* IBSS2000
Description Integrated Security Management Software v.5
(min. requirement)
Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2200 @2.20GHz
19” Monitor
Network Card (NE2000 compatible) 10/100BaseT
Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2012 Operating Systems
(min. requirement)
Intel Core i5 CPU
Windows 7/7 Pro/8/8 Pro
Ordering Information

Model No.  Description
IBSS2000CD IBSS2000 Security Management Software v.5 Media Kit
IBSS2000L1 IBSS2000 Application Software LEVEL 1 (Local Operations Only, Up to 4 Readers)
IBSS2000L2 IBSS2000 Application Software LEVEL 2 (Up to 2 Clients, Up to 32 Readers)
IBSS2000L3 IBSS2000 Application Software LEVEL 3 (Up to 4 Clients, Up to 128 Readers)
IBSS2000EN IBSS2000 Application Software ENTERPRISE (Up to 8 Clients, Up to 2048 Readers)
IBSS2000EC Additional Client for IBSS2000
IBSS2000CM Card Issue Management Software (CIMS)

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