Biometric Readers

Biometric readers are the solution for multi-factors authentication requirement. With addition of biometric authentication, either face, fingerprint or iris to the card reader, it provide higher security up to 3-factor authentication.
Face recognition reader also offers a variation with fever and mask detection.
    AFR8800 Face Recognition Readers with Fever Detection
It is a family of high speed, dynamic recognition terminals available in 2 variations; a base model for face recognition, and an enhanced model that combines fever and mask detection.
    AFR8700 Face Recognition Readers
It is a family of high speed, real-time face recognition readers.
    AFR8600 Biometric Fingerprint Readers with Optical Sensors
It a cost effective biometric reader comes with an optical sensor.
    iCAM7000 Advanced Multifactor Biometric IRIS Readers
It allows rapid iris acquisition with great image quality for superior enrolment and recognition, made possible with its intuitive and interactive interface.

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