IBSS.web Web-based Enterprise Security Management Software

Web-based Enterprise Security Management Software

ASIS Technologies’ IBSS.web is a browser based security management system software that provides scalability from access control only applications to a comprehensive suite of fully integrated security solutions.

The IBSS.web is a robust enterprise software that is developed with more than 20 years of experience. The IBSS.web seamlessly integrates access control, intrusion and CCTV video together for efficient security control center monitoring and response.

Built-in to the IBSS.web is a comprehensive reporting capability. The very versatile report generator provides detailed audit trail, time clocking and roll call reports. Reports can be previewed on screen, sent to print, and/or exported to PDFs and CSV files.

Optional modules that add to the IBSS.web include Visitor Management, Biometric enrolment, and WebAPI for interconnectivity to most 3rd party systems.

Other enterprise features available with the IBSS.web are single sign-on (SSO), MS SQL Server database and server failover. 

Key Features

  • Enterprise Security Management System that handles large scale deployment and is future-proof.
  • Comprehensive access management for doors/gates, elevators, pedestrian turnstiles and vehicle barriers
  • Unlimited independent CardIDs for each cardholder, each with unique validity and access rights
  • Unlimited User Access Levels for operators with drill down to all levels including View, Add, Delete, Modify or Download
  • Access rights management for operators defined by User Security Area
  • Built-in Card Designer with user definable Card Design Template
  • Report Generator for quick access to Audit, Time Clocking and Roll Call reports
  • Integrated Biometric Enrolment for fingerprint and Iris recognition
  • Integrated IP CCTV surveillance with live video, automatic pop-up, video tagging and intelligent video search
  • Fully integrated Visitor Management System allowing exact visitor rights assignment based on purpose of the visit
  • Industry standard web service allows integration to any 3rd party systems including Building Management Systems and Video Management Systems
  • HTML5 Compliant Web Client
  • SSO (single sign on) with support for LDAP and Active Directory
  • Highly Scalable and Secured MS SQL server database 
  • Built-in Automatic Failover IBSS.web server redundancy capabilities

Technical Specifications

Description IBSSweb-EXP IBSSweb-STD IBSSweb-PRO IBSSweb-ENT
Simultaneous Connections 2 2 5 Unlimited
Credentials 10 250 1000 2000
Readers (max) 2 (2) 20 (60) 60 (200) 100 (2000)
Floorplans 1 5 10 Unlimited
Event Logs (max) 45 days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Security Level 1 2 5 Unlimited
Security Area 1 1 2 Unlimited
Browser UI Yes Yes Yes Yes
Card Designer / Card Printing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Standard Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Report Generator No Optional Yes Yes
Basic Audit Report No Yes Yes Yes
Video Integration ASIS NVR 1 Cam ASIS NVR 1 (16) Cam ASIS NVR ASIS NVR
Time Clocking Report No Optional Optional Yes

Ordering Information

Model No. Description
IBSSweb-EXP IBSS.web Express
IBSSweb-STD IBSS.web Standard Edition
IBSSweb-S01 IBSS.web Standard Edition Package 1
IBSSweb-S02 IBSS.web Standard Edition Package 2
IBSSweb-S/CR Add-On Credential Pack (50s)
IBSSweb-S/RD Add-On Reader (ea)
IBSSweb-S/TC Add-On Time Clock Report module
IBSSweb-PRO IBSS.web Professional Edition
IBSSweb-P01 IBSS.web Professional Edition Package 1
IBSSweb-P02 IBSS.web Professional Edition Package 2
IBSSweb-P/CR Add-On Credential Pack (50s)
IBSSweb-P/RD Add-On Reader (ea)
IBSSweb-P/TC Add-On Time Clock Report module

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