Seamless Biometric Recognition


Seamless Biometric Recognition

1. How to choose the right biometric technology for an access control system?

Fingerprint technology is most matured and has the best price to performance ratio due to its widespread availability and low cost of hardware. IRIS and blood veins recognition has very high accuracy due to the large number of minutiae that can be extracted. Due to recent advancements in the face recognition technology, this biometric recognition method is fast becoming the favourite choice among consumers for its convenience of usage, non-intrusive operation and most importantly much improved accuracy. Choose a face recognition reader with a NIST FRVT ranked algorithm.
2. How to combine Face Recognition (FR) with Fever Detection?

Face recognition works best with users standing in front of a camera and looking directly into the camera, usually with a recognition range of at least 0.5m. As a result of the read range and contactless application of this technology, FR is ideally suited for use with Covid-19 to minimize virus transmission.  A temperature measurement sensor in the FR terminal measures each person’s forehead temperature while an embedded AI engine verifies the absence or presence of a mask in a single pass. Use in combination, the FR terminal offers a truly secure, efficient and cost effective access control solution

3. Why is it important to integrate biometric enrolment into the Security Management software?
Many biometric products are sold as independent solutions with independent enrolment methods. This is highly unsecure and opens the opportunity to enrol any biometric feature belonging to others to a cardholder. An integrated biometric enrolment system overcomes this loophole and ensures any cardholder profile is first validated before enrolment of biometric features of the validated cardholder in a single pass.



System Architecture


Target Industries & Applications
Commercial & Residential   Data Centre   Educational Institution
Financial   Government   Health Care
Hospitality   Industrial   Non-profit Organization
Petrochemical, Oil & Gas   Transportation & Logistics   Venue Centre

    AFR8700 Face Recognition Readers with Fever Detection
It is a family of high speed, real-time face recognition readers.
    AFR8600 Biometric Fingerprint Readers with Optical Sensors
It a cost effective biometric reader comes with an optical sensor.
    iCAM7000 Advanced Multifactor Biometric IRIS Readers
It allows rapid iris acquisition with great image quality for superior enrolment and recognition, made possible with its intuitive and interactive interface.
    WebENTRA Compact Series IP Access Controller
Suitable for small and medium offices which it a cost effective controller. Offers in a single package, support for up to 2 doors (or 4 readers) and powered by PoE+.
    WebENTRA Professional Series IP Access Controller
Suitable for large corporates. The highly resilient IP controller is equipped with failover capability, dual CANbus for interconnecting modules and dual Ethernet host links that eliminates any potential SPOF (single-point-of-failure).
    IBSS.web Web-Based Enterprise Security Management Software
It is a browser based security management system software that provides scalability from access control only applications to a comprehensive suite of fully integrated security solutions.


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