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Integrated Solutions Proven Across Industry
Integration among various subsystems (including Electronic Access Control, Contactless Smartcard and CCTV Surveillance) is a hallmark of solutions offered by ASIS Technologies. Products are designed with built-in, advanced capabilities to ensure seamless integration. With many years of experience, our operating console becomes the master Command & Control Centre for the entire facility.
ASIS Technologies offers a complete and comprehensive range of products to meet specific needs of each customer. Products range from standalone devices for entry level applications to true enterprise scale installations with thousands of interconnected devices.

International Support
Products are available anywhere in the world with a large network of dealers and distributors trained to provide first line support to customers. Customers can also contact support@asis-technologies.com for assistance.

Quality System
ASIS Technologies is an ISO9000 certified company. Our relentless efforts to operate as a world class organization means that customers are assured of our commitment to deliver quality products and services all the time.

In House R&D Capabilities
With a strong in-house R&D team, ASIS Technologies is undoubtedly at the forefront of new technologies. Our team is well equipped and capable to deliver solutions that are tailored to customers’ needs.

Service Centre
Equipment repair and warranty services are available for on-site and carry-in. Maintenance service contracts options are also available.

Training is a philosophy that we uphold so that customers can enjoy maximum benefit from investing and installing any product/solution from ASIS Technologies. ACE [ASIS Certified Engineer] Training is conducted at our Head Office in Singapore on a regular basis. Information on ACE is available at www.asis-technologies.com.
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