WebENTRA Professional Series

WebENTRA Professional Series IP Access Controller
The WebENTRA Professional is a modular access control product that starts with a 4 or 8 door IP controller. This product family has a highly resilient IP controller module with failover capability, dual CANbus for interconnecting modules and dual Ethernet host links that eliminates any potential SPOF (single-point-of-failure).

A built-in web browser user interface allows platform independent setup and operation. Any authorized browser log in gives access to online real-time events log, unlimited zoom-in floorplans, and a built-in report generator. Alarms can also be acknowledged or reset upon log in. This IP controller comes with a high performance database that supports 150,000 card IDs with a buffer for 2,500,000 events.

The architecture of the WebENTRA Professional series ensure that any system can be easily expanded with optional modules for additional doors and/or IOs to suit any application. 
Key Features
4/8 Door IP Access Controller
- Complete 4/8 Door IP controller modules
- Expandable to 128 doors in a single loop
- 16x Readers with RS485 or 8x Readers with Wiegand 
Report Formats
- Reports can be generated in PDF and CSV formats for easy data export 

Navikey Smart Diagnostics
- Navigation keys and a LCD display on the controller for easy setup, diagnostics and quick enrolment
Floorplan Rea-time Status
- Floorplans with online real-time status icons for connected devices
Modular IO Expansion
- Modular expansion for up to 8 IO modules in various combinations
- Input module with 32 alarm inputs or
- Output module with 32 relays
InstaStart Quick Setup
- Advanced Plus & Play Technology for fuss free and quick setup
- Single button press to activate instant self-configuration
Reader Interface
- Multiple reader interface options
Web Browser User Interface
- Platform independent Compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.
- Full support for database maintenance, event reporting and status display
2,500,000 Event Buffer Capacity
- Highly intelligent autonomous controller  with local data storage for 2,500,000 event logs

Failover Architecture
- Redundant Ethernet port
- Redundant CANBus link
- Failover capability to avoid potential SPOFs
200,000 Card IDs
- Maximum capacity for 200,000 cardIDs

IBSS.web Enterprise SMS
- IBSS.web Enterprise Security Management Software support
Technical Specifications
Specifications P901 P904 P908 P914 P918 P920 P930
Description WebENTRA Professional Redundant IP Controller WebENTRA Professional 4-Door IP Controller WebENTRA Professional 8-Door IP Controller WebENTRA Professional 4-Door Reader Module WebENTRA Professional 8-Door Reader Module WebENTRA Professional Input Module WebENTRA Professional Output Module
Ethernet Host Link 2x Gigabit (ETH1, ETH2-Opt) - - - -
Web Browser
10 10 10 - - - -
Max Door per Module - 4 8 4 8 - -
Max Modules 3x P914/P918; 4x P920/P930 - - - -
Navikey Yes - Yes - - - -
Encryption SAM Support Yes Yes Yes - - - -
InstaStart Yes Yes Yes - - - -
DC Power Supply 12V, 1A 12V, 0.5A
RS485 (Device) No Yes, 8 Readers Max (Support ADNET, OSDP & CLEX) Yes, 16 Readers Max (Support ADNET,  OSDP & CLEX) Yes, 8 Readers Max (Support ADNET, OSDP & CLEX) Yes, 16 Readers Max (Support ADNET, OSDP & CLEX) No No
Wiegand Ports - 4 8 4 8 - -
Alarm Input/ Relay Output - 12/4 24/12 12/4 24/12 32/8 8/32
Input State - 2 or 4 states, configurable
Relay Contact Rating - 12V 2A max
Card IDs 150,000 - - - -
Event Buffers 2,500,000 - - - -
DC Power Supply 12V
Max. Current
(excluding locks)
1A 0.5A
0 - 50°C
Humidity 90%
Dimensions 203 x 133 x 63 mm
Weight 1 Kg 0.8 Kg
Certifications CE & FCC

Ordering Information
Model No. Description
P901 WebENTRA Professional Redundant IP Controller
- built-in dual Ethernet
- with NAVIKEY
P904 WebENTRA Professional 4-Door IP Controller
- support 8x Readers with RS485 or 4x Readers with Wiegand
P908 WebENTRA Professional 8-Door IP Controller
- supports 16x Readers with RS485 or 8x Readers with Wiegand
- 24 Inputs and 12 Relay Outputs
- with NAVIKEY
P914 WebENTRA Professional 4 Door Reader Module
- supports 8x Readers with RS485 or 4x Readers with Wiegand
- 16 Inputs and 4 Relay Outputs
P918 WebENTRA Professional 8 Door Reader Module
- supports up to 8x Readers via RS485 or 8x Wiegand Readers
- 24 Inputs and 12 Relay Outputs
P920 WebENTRA Professional Input Module
- supports 32x input, 8x output
P930 WebENTRA Professional Output Module
- supports 8x input, 32x output
P901K1 WebENTRA Professional P901 Package K1
- includes P901, APC-155, ABT12AH, AET300
P904K1 WebENTRA Professional P904 Package K1
- includes P904, APC-155, ABT12AH, AET300
P908K1 WebENTRA Professional P908 Package K1
- includes P908, APC-155, ABT12AH, AET300
P914K1 WebENTRA Professional P914 Package K1
- includes P914, APC-155, ABT12AH, AET300
P918K1 WebENTRA Professional P918 Package K1
- includes P918, APC-155, ABT12AH, AET300
APC-155 10.5A PSU/ Charger 12VDC Output
ABT7AH 12V 7AH Lead Acid Battery
ABT12AH 12V 12AH Lead Acid Battery
P900ETH2 WebENTRA P900 Ethernet Port 2
AET300 WebENTRA Wall Mount Metal Enclosure (350x400x120mm)
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