Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

The Visitor Management System (VMS) is an efficient and comprehensive solution to managing visitor access in secure premises. The VMS registers visitors and allows assignment of visitor access rights according to the purpose of the visit. 
Real-time integration with the Access Control System (door access, turnstiles, lift access and CCTV) allows dynamic access right assignment with the use of mobile devices, government issued cards or card access. 
An optional web-based visitor pre-registration system is available so that pre-registered visitors can enjoy a 
fuss-free self-registration on arrival via a QR code on mobile.
Key Features
  • Environment friendly QR codes on mobile
  • Highly efficient web-based visitor pre-registration by host 
  • Quick and efficient visitor registration process
  • Smooth and productive operations derived from real-time integration 
  • Comprehensive built-in event reports for an overview of visitors at any given point in time 
  • Cost savings from reduced manpower

Visitor Status Verification
  • Quick access to all visitor status by clicking on a single button
  • Default query by “today” or date/time range
  • Detailed query by Host ID, Visitor ID or Card ID
  • Individual records with resizable photograph of each visitor
  • Selected visitor record can quickly re-issue, return, print report or data export 


Web Based Visitor Request
  • Browser log-in screen for Host to initiate a new visit, amend visit details, or cancel visit
  • Pre-registered visitors receive a QR Code via email or SMS. QR code enables 
  • registration on-arrival to be completed in less than 10 seconds.
  • Host is automatically notified via email or mobile once the visitor arrives and completes the registration
Technical Specifications
Visitor Management System
Server Requirements
Intel Xeon Processor @2.0GHz and above, 8GB RAM, Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2012
Workstation Requirements
Intel Core i5 CPU, 4GB RAM, 500GB
Database Support
MS SQL Server 2008 and above
IBSS2000/ IBSS.web Integration
IBSS2000 Version 5004 and above
Visitor ID capture
QR/Barcode Reader, Document Scanner (ICAO Passport, NRIC, Driving License), Smartcard Reader
Visitor Photo capture
USB/PS2 Web Camera
Receipt Printer
3”/75mm Thermal Printer (Default), Label Printer (Option)

Ordering Information
Model No.
VMS Software Only
- 1x Server + 1x Client License
Additional Client for VMS
Web-based Visitor Request (VRQ) Software
 Accessories - VMS
VMS WebCam with Desktop Tripod
- 720p resolution with USB interface
- Professional desktop tripod with adjustable height
VMS ComboScan Document Scanner
- Reads ICAO Compliant Passports
- USB interface
ComboScan Runtime License for SINGAPORE documents
- NRIC, Driver’s License, Work Permit/ Employment Pass
ComboScan Additional Document Training Fee
- One-time fee applicable for each new document
- Minimum 3 live samples to be provided
ComboScan Runtime License for Additional Document
- Per document for each ComboScan
VMS Barcode Reader
- USB Interface
VMS MyKAD Reader
- Suitable for use in Malaysia
- USB Interface
VMS Receipt Printer
- For printing on 3” thermal paper and with USB interface

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