WebENTRA Compact Series

WebENTRA Compact Series IP Access Controller

The WebENTRA Compact Series is a cost effective, web-based, modular access control solution comprising:
  • C302 Two-Door IP Access Controller
  • C302P ECO Two-Door IP Controller
  • C312 Two-Door Reader Module
The C302 / C302P offers in a single package, support for up to 2 doors (or 4 readers) and powered by PoE+. This means that installation is easy with significant savings in wiring cost. A single Cat 5/6 cable is required for transmission of both data and power. In addition to full I/O for 2 doors, the C302 / C302P  supports up to 20,000 cardholders and 50,000 events buffers.

Each C302 can connect up to 15 units of C312 via CAN bus to support a maximum of 32 doors (or 64 readers).

The WebENTRA Compact series can be used in standalone mode with web browser interface, or connected to an enterprise scale host running on IBSS.web software.

Key Features
Two Door IP Access Controller
- Complete 2 door access control & monitoring
- 4x Readers via RS485 or 2x Readers via Wiegand

50,000 Event Capacity
- Maximum buffer for 50,000 events
- 1,024 User Access Groups
- 120 Holidays
- 128 Weekly Schedules
InstaSTART Quick Configuration
- Advanced Plug & Play Technology for easy and quick setup
- Single button press to activate “InstaSTART”
20,000 Cardholder Capacity
- Maximum 20,000 cardholders

64bit Unique ID Card
- Full compliance to ISO14443A MIFARE standard for 56bit UID support
- Supports up to 64bit CardIDs

CANbus Auxiliary Network
- Reliable & high speed controller to controller communication
- Maximum 15x C312 (slave) per C302 (master) module
- 100kbps speed over 300m
PoE Plus Ethernet with Power
- PoE (IEEE802.3af) and PoE+ (IEEE802.3at) support
- Up to 2 Amp from PoE • Supports direct 12-15V DC
- Built-in battery charger with AC Fail switchover
Web Browser User Interface
- Platform independent web browser, supporting IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.
- Fully supports database maintenance, event reporting and status display
Aluminium Intrusion Housing
- Lightweight, non-corrosive & ruggedized aluminium housing
- Easy to mount on any surface
- Anodized finishing with user-friendly silkscreened labels
Hi-Speed Card ID Download
- High performance algorithm for download times of up to 1,000 CardIDs per 4 seconds (or 250/s)

AES / SHA1 128 Bit Encryption
- HIGHLY SECURE AES and SHA1 encryption algorithms for data communication to Host Computer

Technical Specifications
Specifications C302 C312 C302P
Ethernet Host Link 1000BaseT - 1000BaseT
CAN Bus Yes (IP Controller) Yes (Reader Module), Maximum 15 to a IP Controller No
InstaStart Wizard Yes - Yes
Power-Over-Ethernet IEEE802.3af (PoE) or IEEE802.3at (PoE+) - No
Alternate DC Power Input 12-15VDC 12-15VDC 12-15VDC
Battery Charger Yes with minimum 14V DC input Yes with minimum 14V DC input Yes with minimum 14V DC input
RS485 (Device Port) Up to 4x Readers Up to 4x Readers Up to 4x Readers
Wiegand Interface 2 2 2
Alarm Input / Relay Output 8 / 2 8 / 2 8 / 2
Cardholders 20,000 - 20,000
Event Buffers 50,000 - 50,000
User Access Groups 1,024 - 1,024
Holidays 120 - 120
Weekly Schedules 128 - 128
Data Encryption Algorithm AES and SHA1 - AES and SHA1
Current Consumption
(excluding Lock)
200mA at 12VDC 150mA at 12VDC 200mA at 12VDC
Dimensions 158 x 145 x 40 mm 158 x 145 x 40 mm 130 x 145 x 20 mm
Weight 450g 400g 350g

Ordering Information
Model No. Description
C302 WebENTRA Compact 2-Door IP Controller
C312 WebENTRA Compact 2 Door Reader Module
C302P WebENTRA Compact ECO 2-Door IP Controller
C302G1 WebENTRA Compact Series C302 Package G1
Includes C302, RS3515, ABT7AH, AET200
C312G1 WebENTRA Compact C312 Package G1
Includes C312, RS3515, ABT7AH, AET200
C302K1 WebENTRA Compact Series C302 Package K1
Includes C302, RS7515, ABT7AH, AET300
C312K1 WebENTRA Compact C312 Package K1
includes C312, RS7515, ABT7AH, AET300
C302P-G1 WebENTRA Compact ECO C302P Package G1
Includes C302P, RS3515, ABT7AH, AET200
RS3515 Power Supply 15VDC 2.4A Output (100 to 250VAC input)
RS7515 Power Supply 15VDC 5A Output (100 to 250VAC input)
RS15015 Power Supply 15VDC 10A Output (100 to 250VAC input)
ABT7AH 12V 7AH Lead Acid Battery
ABT12AH 12V 12AH Lead Acid Battery
AET200 WebENTRA Wall Mount Metal Enclosure (300x280x70mm)
AET300 WebENTRA Wall Mount Metal Enclosure (350x400x120mm)

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